PyAMS  (the software under revision)


Filename Download Sites Size Date Description 
PyAMS.0.3.0.exe Random site
7.28 MB
09-03-2018 Add Model SPICE-compatible of resistor capacitor and inductor.
PyAMS.0.2.9.exe Random site
7.27 MB
24-09-2017 Add ideal NMOS and PMOS to semiconductor devices in library.
PyAMS.0.2.8.exe Random site
6.09 MB
05-10-2017 Add editor of symbols. The Symbol Editor is a specialized graphics editor that allows you to create or modify a component’s symbol with attachment by model description. 
PyAMS.0.2.7.exe Random site
6.09 MB
24-09-2017 Add ideal semiconductor devices in library of PyAMS:Diode, Diode Zener, Bridge, BJT(NPN) and BJT(PNP).
PyAMS.0.2.6.exe Random site
4.73 MB
17-08-2017 Add Manuale.
PyAMS.0.2.5.exe Random site
3.30 MB
10-08-2017 Control of integration step size of time in transient analysisby Selection of step-size control mechanism and integration
1. LTE Based Strategy (LTBS) 
2. Iteration Count Based Strategy (ICBS) 
New paramatres of contoles the same condition of application in SPICE:
  1. ABSTOL:Sets the absolute current error tolerance
  2. RELTOL:Sets relative error tolerance of the program.
  3. VNTOL:Sets the absolute voltage tolerance.
  4. TRTOL:Used in the LTE timestep control algorithm.
  5. CHGTOL: used in the LTE timestep control algorithm.
  6. ITL1:Sets Operating Point Analysis iteration limit.
  7. ITL2:Sets DC Analysis iteration limit. 
  8. ITL3: Sets lower Transient Analysis iteration limit
  9. ITL4: Sets Transient Analysis timepoint iteration limit.
PyAMS.0.2.4.exe Random site
3.24 MB
04-08-2017 Add new element "Symmetrical transformer" in basic library.
PyAMS.0.2.3.exe Random site
3.20 MB
03-08-2017 Adds or removes grid lines to the Y or X axis of the chart.
PyAMS.0.2.2.exe Random site
3.20 MB
02-08-2017 Add ac statement error in simulation command
PyAMS.0.2.1.exe Random site
3.19 MB
01-08-2017 Configure Applications to Always Run as an Administrator
PyAMS.0.2.0.exe Random site
3.19 MB
30-07-2017 Revision of Modeling of Analog Blocks "basic and source" in PyAMS languge