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PyAMS.Analog.Basic.Polarised Capacitor

Ideal linear electrical Polarised Capacitor


The linear capacitor connects the branch voltage v with the branch current i by i = C * dv/dt. The Capacitance C is allowed to be positive, zero, or negative, for v starting with initiale value.


C1µFCapacitance [F]
Vinit0.5Initial voltage [V]

PyAMS definition

from PyAMS import Signal
from PyAMS import ddt

#Ideal linear electrical polarised capacitor
class InitCap:
     def __init__(self, a, b):
         self.Vc = Signal('in','voltage',a,b)
         self.Ic = Signal('out','current',a,b)
         self.C=1.0e-6         # C Capacitor Value
         self.Vinit=0.5        # Vinit Initial Voltage Value
     def analog(self):

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