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Trapezoid Voltage

Trapezoidal voltage source


V1Amplitude of trapezoid [V]
rising0Rising duration of trapezoid [s]
width0.5Width duration of trapezoid [s]
falling0Falling duration of trapezoid [s]
period1Time for one period [s]
nperiod-1Number of periods (< 0 means infinite number of periods)
offset0Voltage offset [V]
startTime0Time offset [s]

PyAMS definition

from PyAMS import Signal
from PyAMS import Trapezoid

#Source for Trapezoid voltage
class SourceVTrapezoid:
     def __init__(self, a, b):
         self.Vt = Signal('out','voltage',a,b)
         self.Va=1.0  #Amplitude of trapezoid
         self.Rising=0       #Rising duration of trapezoid
         self.Width=0.5      #Width duration of trapezoid
         self.Falling=0      #Falling duration of trapezoid
         self.Period=1       #Time for one period
         self.NPeriod=-1     #Number of periods (< 0 means infinite number of periods)
     def analog(self):
         Trapezoid(self.Vt,self.Amplitude,self.Rising, self.Width,self.Falling,self.Period,self.NPeriod,self.Offset,self.StartTime)  

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